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Do You Have These Warning Signs of Electrical Problems?.
 Minor Electrical Problems Leads To Fire My first house I took all of the electrical outlets apart and checked every connection after I bought it. As an electrical engineer, I know what I am doing. I also know why it’s important to have solid electrical connections. As I have had to make many reports over the years that I have had to carry for a number insurance companies and have seen the tragic results of poor connections: Fire. With so many potential ways to create unintentional fires in electrical systems, it’s easy to forget that electrical problems cause more residential fires than any other source, according to the Electrical Safety Council. Fires that start in electrical systems or lighting equipment kill about 70 people a year, seriously injure another 350000 and damage more than 21,000 homes. And 2.5 million British adults say they have experienced an electric shock at home. Electrical hazards can go unnoticed or unseen, and even seemingly minor problems can lead to a devastating fire. So if a light flickers or a switch no longer works, have it checked Here’s an example: When we visited my parents last summer, I asked why the light over the sink wasn’t working. They hadn’t realized it was out. The light is in a series of under-counter lights, and the other lights in the series came on with a flip of the switch. So, like any well-trained electrician would do, I jiggled the wire lead into the light fixture. The light came on — and my heart sank. This was not good. Upon closer inspection, I found that an extremely poor connection inside the fixture had caused the end of one of the wires to become so hot that it had fried the insulation on the wire (the plastic covering to the wire). Do You Have These Warning Signs of Electrical Problems? • Frequent Blown Fuses Or Tripped Circuit Breakers. Investigate the problem, and don’t simply install a bigger fuse or repeatedly reset the circuit breaker. • A Shock When You Touch An Appliance. Unplug the appliance and discontinue use. • Discoloured Or Warm Wall Outlets, Or Sparks From An Outlet. These Are Serious Danger Signs. Do not use the outlet or switch. • Persistent burning smell coming from an appliance, room or area of the house. This can indicate that an appliance is overheating or malfunctioning. Unplug the appliance or turn off the circuit breaker. • Cracked insulation on extension cords. Replace extension cords every few years. They cost only a few pounds, which should explain why they need to be replaced frequently. • Flickering or dimming lights. This could indicate a short in the wiring, dangerous arcing or an overextension of your home’s electrical systems. So if a light flickers or switch no longer works, have it checked by Andy Kirton as he is qualified electrician so you don’t put yourself at risk of electric shock or even death. I served with the Royal Air Force in the 80th’s working on Rapier missile systems, Worked for number of food manufactures, Oscar Mayer, Northern Foods, and decided I needed a break so set up a recruitment business back in 2001 -2010, Sold that. Went back to collage and did a crash course to get up to date with the all necessary building regulations and qualifications needed to operate in the domestic market as electrician and Started ASK Electrix so going back to my roots as electrician.